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The 2010 PCT Atlas

The PCT Atlas is a 5 volume set of maps designed by thru-hiker Erik the Black.


The PCT Atlases are full color topo maps that include elevation profiles, GPS grids, town maps, resupply info, data tables, etc. They show you where the campsites are, where to find water, how to find your way to towns, and even include alternate routes and side trips.


The PCT Atlases are relatively expensive. At $39.95 each, it will cost you $199.95 for the set of 5. The mileage in the PCT Atlas data table does not match the mileages in the Wilderness Press guides and databook because they were calculated independently of those books. But in most cases the difference is minor since it’s the same trail and many of the landmarks listed are the same. It’s pretty easy to cross-reference between the different books if you need to. But, because the PCT Atlas was designed to be a direct replacement for the WP guides and not a companion to them, Erik doesn’t have any plans of adapting their mileages or section-naming convention. There have also been many noted inaccuracies with the elevation profiles in several sections, and some other outdated map date. That being said, the maps will still get you from Mexico to Canada.

Where to Buy the PCT Atlas

As mentioned above, the PCT Atlases costs $39.95 each. You can expect to pay $199.95 for the set of 5, plus shipping and handling. You can purchase the PCT Atlas exclusively at The video below, by Erick the Black, talks more about the PCT Atlas.


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