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Paradise Valley Cafe

  • Southern California
  • 33° 34'8.59"N 116° 35'29.06"W
  • 1 miles
  • Approximately 152 trail miles
  • No

Mailing Address

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c/o Paradise Corner Cafe
61721 Hwy 74
Mountain Center, CA 92561

Other Info

Paradise Corner Cafe is located at Hwy 74 & 371. Their phone number is (909) 659-0730. See PCT Guidebook page 84 (water access), map B5.

Hours of operation:

Monday = 8a-3p, Tuesday = 8a-3p, Wednesday = 8a-8p, Thursday = 8a-8p, Friday = 8a-8p, Saturday = 8a-8p, Sunday = 8a-7p.

E-mail: Website:


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