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Shelter Cove Resort

  • Oregon
  • 43° 34'53.62"N 122° 2'24.78"W
  • 1 miles
  • Approximately 1912 trail miles
  • No

Mailing Address

Shelter Cove Resort
West Odell Lake Road, Hwy 58
Crescent, OR 97733
Please Hold for 'Your Name'

Camp Stove Fuels

  • Alcohol

Other Info

No charge. UPS or FedEx only. Mail to the address above. UPS may not want to mail it out without a street address, but insist. The owner says that once the package arrives in Cresent, the UPS driver knows exactly where it needs to go. Make sure to verify ahead of time. See their website for more info (there's a link below).


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