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Types of Advertising

We offer banner ads on most pages of the site — including on all the resupply point pages. Feel free to take a look around the site and keep an eye out for the Google banner ads. Any Google banner ad that you see on the site can be replaced by your own ad. 🙂

In order to protect our integrity and the positive experience of our users we DO NOT offer the following types of advertising:

  • paid backlinks
  • backlink trading
  • sponsored posts
  • ‘native’ advertising
  • popup or modal ads
  • sponsored items (for examples, in the gear or clothing sections)
  • paid “Plan Your Hike Recommended” status

Advertising Stats

  • We have about 5,000 unique visitors per month.
  • On average, we have 10,000 site visits per month.
  • Page views per month comes in at around 40,000.
  • Returning visitors make up about 45% of all traffic.


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